The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is most delighted and thankful to every single individual and companies who have supported the project in diverse ways. Some people thought the project was a scam but now they are beginning to move from the realm of speculation and doubtfulness to the realm of certainty and exactitude as the dream has unfolded into reality before their eyes. What makes the project story more beautiful is the fact that the school was built with love and contributions from people across the globe with diverse cultures. Therefore, it goes a long way to tell us that we are one people with one heart ❤
Together, we will continue to support the project and expand it to benefit more children so they can grow up to respect and appreciate the beauty of diversity, culture, race, religion, gender and to become responsible and productive individuals to help build their communities, protect and brighten mother earth.
Thank you! Danke! Gracias! Merci beaucoup! Kiitos! شكرا لك Obrigado! Dziękuję Ci! Grazie! Děkuji! Mulțumesc! 谢谢 Dank je! Hvala vam! Takk skal du ha!

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