Monthly Archives: September 2019

Update: August 2019

The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team has been able to complete the plastering of the walls and floor works of the school. All five classrooms were plastered and floored with mortar and concrete. In the near future, we can use floor tiles for the floor of the classrooms.
It was part of our plans to use the donations to construct the washrooms for both students and teachers but due to the rainy weather, we decided to use the funds to complete the plastering and floor works of the classrooms since that is an internal activity.
One of our team members Belen Zamanillo Mateo came from Spain to witness the activities of the project as well. 
The next stage of the project is to fix the ceiling of the classrooms, fix metal doors and windows, complete the electrical wiring, build the washrooms and fence the school. 
We are working hard to upload a video update of the project on our project website very soon. 
The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team wish to thank all donors and supporters for your continuous support to making the dream of providing quality education for your children in our community and we hope you will continue to support us more to complete the school soon.
Thank you.