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Front Fencing and Extension of Concrete Slap…(Video Update:September,2020)

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is currently constructing the front fencing (wall) and also made a concrete slap on the gateway to the school.
We are now raising funds to build the school office, lay floor tiles in few classrooms, and to complete the front fencing (wall). We hope to open the school next year January 2021 God willing.
The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team wish to thank all donors and supporters for your continuous support to making the dream of providing quality education for your children in our community and we hope you will continue to support us more to complete the school soon.
Thank you.



the Prince & Princess Academy Project Team continued the process of building a front wall (fencing) and the main gate of the school. We also extended the concrete slap at the gateway. We are currently raising funds to start the school office construction. After building the office, we will extend a wall to form the school gate! Thank you for your support.

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is currently working on the front fencing. We are also raising funds to build the school office. Below is the estimate for the construction of the office structure.

Cement bags= $10 × 50 bags = $500
Iron rods = $12 × 10 (11.5mm) = $120
Wood (2×6) = $6 × 80= $480
Aggregate sand = $127 × 2 trips = $254
Cost of labour (Mason) = $300
Total: $1,654.

The academic year for nursery, kindergarten, and primary suspended due to covid-19 and will resume in January 2021, we hope the school will be open in January too.