Monthly Archives: October 2020

Prince & Princess Academy Project Video Update (Oct,2020)

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is currently constructing the School Office and front fencing (wall).
We are still raising funds to complete the school office, lay floor tiles in a few classrooms and to fix the main gate of the school. We hope to open the school next year January, 2021 God willing.
The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team wish to thank all donors and supporters for your continuous support to making the dream of providing quality education for your children in our community and we hope you will continue to support us more to complete the school soon.

Plans to Open the School in January, 2021.

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is currently working on the construction of the office with the help of a loan of money that has been given to the project by some of our fellow supporters. Unfortunately, we are running out of funds, so they decided to help. We need $8,500 to complete the office and two classrooms.
With that money, we will also lay tiles in two classrooms. We have taken a loan of $4,800 to complete one classroom and partially complete the school office. We plan to give them the money back. We really want to open the school in January 2021, but we still need your support to complete all the classrooms so any support is most welcome.
Educational or used learning materials such as pens, pencils, crayons, toys, story books{engligh & french), staplers, eraser, Wall stickers, stickers, scissors, glue, notebooks, maps, drawing books, exercise books, inflammable school bags, tablets, laptops, and other useful items are highly welcome. With your help, we can achieve this big goal and make a change in our community.
Your suggestions and ideas are highly welcome.