Team Members

Gadafi Haruna (Ghana) Co-founder.

He has 7 years experience teaching in private schools and has gained valuable knowledge in children’s education and early childhood development. Teaching is his passion.

Joseph McTaggart
Joseph McTaggart, (UK) Co-founder.
He has been teaching English in Dublin, Spain and Arabia for the past 15 years. He is currently employed as a communications officer for a financial company in the United Kingdom and works part-time as a teacher.

Prince Sisu Haruna, (Ghana) Co-founder.
Prince Sisu is a marketer and a part-time teacher. He has experience teaching various subjects and often organizes additional lessons for children with difficulty learning, free of charge. Teaching and drawing are his passions.

Sven Guettner

Sven Guettner, (Germany)- Team Member.
He has been working in retail market since 2000.

Tanja Roser (Germany)-Team Member.

Miss. Salma

Miss. Salma,(Ghana) -Team Member.

She is a primary school teacher.

Kristin Perry  (USA)- Team Member

Kristin holds a B.Arch degree and works as a graduate architect in the United States.

Iddrisu Mohammed Nurudeen

Iddrisu Mohammed Nurudeen ,(Ghana)- Team Member.

Nurudeen holds a first class BSc, Business Administration (Accounting) degree, from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He is also a student and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Nurudeen has experience teaching students in Accounting Studies courses.


Ms. Margaret Huebner (USA)- Team Member.

SPHR, MSHRD, is the Director of Human Resources for a company in Southern California, USA.

Ejaz Khan Ahmed

Ejaz Khan Ahmed, (UK) -Team Member.

He works as a sports coach in a primary school where he teaches physical education. He also works at a community athletic club and is a coach for a local youth football team (Slough Central FC) in Slough, England. Ejaz strives to improve youth development and instill in them the values of sports and its positive contributions to society.

Amwild 2013-07-30

Nuru Amwild,  (Ghana)- Project Supervisor.

He is a professional plumber with experience in project management.


Zakaria R. Mohammed, (Ghana) -Team member.

He is a Professional Marketer.

Eric Brock

Eric Brock, (USA) -Team Member.

He works as a Professional forklift driver.


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