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THE PLAN FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS ACADEMY: Education is said to be the channel through which countries develop. The essence of education in this era of globalization and international development cannot be over emphasized. If education is so important in the life of a human being, then why it is that most young people in Ghana and especially Tamale in the northern region of Ghana do not have access to at least a basic education. Notwithstanding the fact that the constitution of the Republic of Ghana demands Government to provide “Free Compulsory Basic Education (FCUBE)”, little has been done by successive Governments to achieve this constitutional mandate. It is against this background that we thought of setting up a very low cost alternative to providing basic education for the deprived community called “Kunyavilla” and its environs. Kunyavilla is located in the Tamale north constituency in Ghana. Access to basic education in this area is very hard for most parents due to high school fees. Research conducted by most civil society groups indicates that the people are willing to send their youths to school but are put off by the exorbitant fees charged by the good schools in the Metropolis. The construction of this six class room block will therefore be aimed at bridging this gap by providing quality education. I. Name of the School The name of the proposed School shall be Prince and Princess Academy. II. Ownership of the Business The business will be formed as a company limited by guarantee as stipulated in the Companies code of the Republic of Ghana. The School shall be owned and controlled by the Team. The School will also constitute a seven member Board who shall be changed as and when necessary.The ownership will be in accordance with the laws of Ghana and other bye-laws of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly as well as under the monitoring and supervision of the Ghana Education Service. Copies of documentation regarding the constitution and supervision will be made available on request III. Information on the Business Type of Business and Products or Service. The purpose of the project is to build a School that will provide a quality and accessible Crèche and Primary education and computer (ICT) training for children within its catchment area. The school will be situated at Kunyavilla community and the surrounding communities. Shishegu and Nyohini can all benefit from this School. Mission Statement To provide low cost and quality child education services to the ever expanding residential area of Kunyavilla and its environs. Prince and Princess Academy will focus on providing primary educational services with an emphasis on the lower income class. Vision To be a preferred place for quality and affordable education by the populace of Tamale and beyond. b. Background of the founding teachers The building of the proposed School is yet to commence although the idea is already well conceived and built in our hearts. . Some of the Team members have experience in teaching and handling children of all ages. Sisu Haruna has some years of teaching experience in private schools. Some of the Schools he has taught in include Timtooni Grammar School Complex amongst others. He has also organised free extra classes for children under his care, he has also taught many people the English language on the internet on and, teaching is his passion. Abukari Kami a graduate student of University for Development Studies will also be one of the teaching staff and. He has also previously taught at Jagma Memorial School and his teaching experience spans more than four years. Gadafi Haruna is the name of the other teacher who has acquired immense teaching experience and he is currently teaching in Synergy Star School International. Miss Salmata will also be part of the teaching staff. Location And Hours Of Operation The proposed School will be located at Kunyavilla. The School will be open from 6am to 2pm every week day from Monday to Friday. Statutory holidays under the Republic shall also be adhered to. CURRENT PROPOSAL As the need for basic education services in Tamale Metropolitan area grows, so will the operation of the school. The land for the school will be provided by Sisu Haruna. It is a one plot which covers an area of almost half an acre and valued at current market price of GHC3,500 equivalent to £1077. The major source of funding this establishment of this six class room block will be through the donations from benevolent individuals and corporate bodies. The plan shall be submitted to these people with the hope of securing funds to commence the project. Non-Governmental Organizations who are into education, poverty eradication and man power development shall also be identified and served letters soliciting for funds. Sources Of Income And Accounting At commencement , the School will depend heavily on donor support in terms of cash, building material, learning materials and other assistance necessary for the building of the School to commence. Thereafter, revenues will be generated from charging of very low cost fees to students. Full accounting records will be maintained by our Accountant, who shall be Iddrisu M. Nurudeen. Initially, he is to work for the school on part time basis. He holds a first class degree in BSc. Business Administration (Accounting) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and he is a student member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana. Projected start-up costs Note: The prevailing exchange rate of 1 £: 3.25GHC is used to arrive at the GB £ equivalent. PROJECTED INCOME STATEMENT FOR THE FIRST YEAR OF OPERATION GHC GHC Proceeds from fees 7,000 Expenses: Staff salary and emoluments 5,100 Petty cash expenditures 1,000 Total expenses 6,100 Net income 900 Note: The prevailing exchange rate of 1£ : 3.25GHC can be used to arrive at the GB £ equivalent. Petty cash expenditures relates to small expenses the School administration may incur in the day-to-day running of the School and include but not limited to water and electricity bills, maintenance of building and first aid medicine for pupils. Financial analysis The financial projections are based on monthly revenues of GHC 190 during the two months of operation and are expected to increase to GHC 7,000 by the end of the first year of operation. The School will charge GHC 9.50 per pupil per month. For families who bring more than one pupil to the School shall get a discount of 10%. From an optimistic point of view, the School could be getting revenue in excess of GHC 9,000 for its first year operation but the GHC 7,000 projected represents a very These projected revenues would give the School a before tax net income of GHC 900 and positive cash flow during the first year. Initial enrolment is expected to be twenty (20) increasing to at least eighty (80) by the end of the first year. Even though returns on investment will not be the utmost purpose of Prince and Princess Academy, it is hoped that if we can make a consistent increase of at least 10% every year, the Schools will expand tremendously to cater for more children of deprived families. Target market Kunyavilla area is rapidly expanding through residential and commercial development. Prince and Princess Academy specifically targets the poor populace with children ages 3 years to twelve years who live or work within a two-mile radius of the proposed location. The nearest School to the location of the proposed location is at Nyohini about 4 kilometres away and this will give the School a very competitive edge since School closest to the proposed locality location charges around GHC 17 per pupil per month. This figure about twice what Prince and Princess Academy intends to charge. Marketing Strategy Prince and Princess Academy will be promoted in various local media. Friends who are helping in making this project a reality have already begun promotion by word of mouth. Response has been favourable. Formal advertising is planned to begin three months before the School is scheduled to open. Adverts will be made on two local radio stations namely Radio Justice and North Star FM. Hand bills will also be distributed to the market women on market days. It has been identified that most choices with regard to school selection for children are normally done by Mothers. Management Plan Sisu Haruna will be responsible for the overall operation of Prince and Princess Academy, while Nurudeen will be responsible for the accounting or record-keeping and administration of the School. The selection and retention of employees, as well as the expenditure of funds will be jointly shared. The School intends to start with four permanent teachers including Sisu Haruna. Sisu will be on the teaching staff as well the Head of the School. The teachers will work on a rotational basis where one Teacher may teach more than one class room. As the School expands in the coming months or years, new teachers will be recruited both on part time and full time basis. Conclusion The purpose of this document has been to highlight the various areas that have been taken into consideration with regards to the proposed construction of the six class room block that will provide quality and affordable access to basic education. Based on the financial and marketing projections made, Prince and Princess Academy has a potential to grow with the establishment of more classrooms to cater for the massive number of enrolments envisaged. This is a worthy cause aimed at enriching the lives of numerous poor children and education is the best gift one could ever give to a fellow human being. It is hope that all will help to make this project a reality. Visit our website to make a donate

Update: August 2019

The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team has been able to complete the plastering of the walls and floor works of the school. All five classrooms were plastered and floored with mortar and concrete. In the near future, we can use floor tiles for the floor of the classrooms.
It was part of our plans to use the donations to construct the washrooms for both students and teachers but due to the rainy weather, we decided to use the funds to complete the plastering and floor works of the classrooms since that is an internal activity.
One of our team members Belen Zamanillo Mateo came from Spain to witness the activities of the project as well. 
The next stage of the project is to fix the ceiling of the classrooms, fix metal doors and windows, complete the electrical wiring, build the washrooms and fence the school. 
We are working hard to upload a video update of the project on our project website very soon. 
The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team wish to thank all donors and supporters for your continuous support to making the dream of providing quality education for your children in our community and we hope you will continue to support us more to complete the school soon.
Thank you.

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team were planning to construct the washrooms of the school but the rainy weather will destruct such an activity, therefore, we have decided to work on plastering the walls with mortar and casting concrete on the floor of the classrooms. The road leading to the school is almost completed. One of our project team members from Spain Belen will join us again soon to begin the work! We still need your support to continue the construction of the school. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

We have some great news! As a result of the efforts of the assemblymen and community leaders, the metropolitan council has paid a contractor to extend the construction of a nearby road that will allow vehicles, especially trucks coming into the community, to move much more conveniently! Below are some photos of the road construction.

The Beautiful Fallen Tree (Update: February, 2019)

Hello everyone,

We recently hired a group to cut down a large tree located on site at the school building project. This was a difficult decision, but after weighing our options, we decided that if we have to build more classrooms in the future, we will need to remove this tree. Between now and then, it’s likely that more houses will be built near the tree. Having structures nearby poses a great risk that the tree might fall on something important. We believe it makes the most sense to cut down the tree at this time.

Much thought was given to how we can use the tree. After speaking with the project supervisor, we learned that the branches are not straight enough to make proper boards for construction, and our idea of using the wood for desks would be too expensive because of the machines and carpentry involved. Instead, our project supervisor suggested we share the wood with underprivileged families in the community so they can use it as fire wood and as a resource for carving domestic artifacts to sell in order make a living. We also plan to plant more trees and flowers in the near future.

We hope you all are doing well and want to say thank you again for your support. We will be back with more updates soon!

-The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team