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THE PRINCE AND PRINCESS ACADEMY PROJECT: We are the pioneers of the Prince and Princess Academy Building Project, united globally for the shared vision of providing an academic environment in Tamale, Ghana, that is affordable for lower-class constituents who otherwise are unable to send their children to schools due to excessive education fees. The intent of this project is to build a School to educate and develop the prospective leaders of this brilliant country. We have been able to complete constructing 5 classrooms and we are currently working on the structure to build some more classrooms. Contributions will go to funding the acquisition of resources and equipment for this process. Every contribution brings us closer to achieving an environment where a child is not denied his or her future due to high fees. Your contributions will allow us to give quality education, from a team of qualified and passionate teachers to these children so that they may one day give their own contributions to the country as a whole. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this vision come true. Click the link below to learn more about the project;

Filling the Classrooms with Gravel-Sand

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is currently filling the 3 classrooms under construction with gravel-sand.  The next phase is to roof the building and cast concrete on the floor. We hope you will continue to support the project so that we can complete the construction of the classrooms. Thank you.


The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team has erected 3 classrooms block to the window level. We need your support to purchase wood, roofing sheets and metal poles to complete the second phase of construction. The classrooms will serve Primary 2,3 and 4 pupils as the school progress.
We have more than 50 kids (under 3 years only) waiting to be enrolled in the school next year in January. Thank you for your kind support 🙏

Angie Broadley from USA, visits Prince & Princess Academy.

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team  is most delighted to welcoming Angie Broadley from USA 🇺🇸 to our School. We are most grateful to her for sharing toothbrushes and paste with our pupils. Thank you for the awesome learning materials ❤👍. Angie also took time to have a science lesson with basic 1 pupils.  Thank you so much. We wish you a safe journey back home.