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African Fabrics Tops (Shirts) For Fundraising

The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team have come out with a creative way to raise funding for the project. Our team member Princess Salma and a friend of the project Zenab, are talented in designing customized tops using African fabrics. The Team has nine (9) kinds of beautiful fabrics (cotton material) which are showcase in the photos below. We are selling each top (shirt) for $35, €30 or £26 (this includes the shipping cost) and 100% of the profit will go to support the school building project. The tops (shirts) can be made for both men and women including children. We will also include some postcards from Ghana.

One of our fellow team member from Germany, Tanja, who was excited to purchase one for herself to celebrate her birthday – this is the one she is wearing in the photos! Over the years, Prince Sisu and his Co-founder Gadafi have designed these beautiful tops (shirts) for friends across the world. We hope you will check out our photos and message us about purchasing one of these tops! You are not only buying a beautiful shirt from Ghana but you are also contributing to the building of a school which will provide a brighter future for many children.  As you might guess, supplies are limited, so contact us soon to make a request! You can also contact the Co-founder Prince Sisu on facebook to make an order.  Click here for more photos of the designed tops. 

Your friends,
The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team.


Hello everyone, we have another update for you!

On June 5th we were able to begin the process of wiring the classrooms! With your donations, we have purchased the electrical materials including wires, pipes, socket boxes other accessories for the electrical work. At this point, we are able to pay half of the payment for the labor. The electricians will not route the wires through the piping until we are ready to install the plywood ceiling. Your continued support will help us complete this portion of the project! We will be sharing some photos of the piping installation along with this update.