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We are the pioneers of the Prince and Princess Academy Building Project, united globally for the shared vision of providing an academic environment in Tamale, Ghana, that is affordable for lower-class constituents who otherwise are unable to send their children to schools due to excessive education fees. The intent of this project is to build a School to educate and develop the prospective leaders of this brilliant country.  We have been able to complete constructing 5 classrooms and we are currently working on the structure to build some more classrooms. Contributions will go to funding the acquisition of resources and equipment for this process. Every contribution brings us closer to achieving an environment where a child is not denied his or her future due to high fees. Your contributions will allow us to give quality education, from a team of qualified and passionate teachers to these children so that they may one day give their own contributions to the country as a whole. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this vision come true.


DATE: 22-08-2013.

Education is said to be the channel through which countries develop. The essence of education in this era of globalization and international development cannot be overemphasized. If education is so important in the life of a human being, then why it is that most young people in Ghana and especially Tamale in the northern region of Ghana do not have access to at least a basic education. Notwithstanding the fact that the constitution of the Republic of Ghana demands the Government to provide “Free Compulsory Basic Education (FCUBE)”, little has been done by successive Governments to achieve this constitutional mandate. It is against this background that we thought of setting up a very low-cost alternative to providing basic education for the deprived community called “Kunyavilla” and its environs. Kunyavilla is located in the Tamale North constituency in Ghana. Access to basic education in this area is very hard for most parents due to high school fees. Research conducted by most civil society groups indicates that the people are willing to send their youths to school but are put off by the exorbitant fees charged by the good schools in the Metropolis. The construction of the School will, therefore, be aimed at bridging this gap by providing quality education.

I. Name of the School
Prince and Princess Academy.

II. Ownership of the School
The School is established as a company limited by guarantee as stipulated in the Companies Code of the Republic of Ghana. The School is owned and controlled by the Team. The School plan to constitute a seven-member Board who shall be changed as and when necessary. The ownership is in accordance with the laws of Ghana and other bye-laws of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly as well as under the monitoring and supervision of the Ghana Education Service. Copies of documentation regarding the constitution and supervision will be made available on request.

III. Information on the School
Type of Services.
The purpose of the project is to build a School that will provide quality and accessible Crèche and Primary education and computer (ICT) training for children within its catchment area. The school is situated at the Kunyavilla community and the surrounding communities namely Shishegu, Dungu, Asawaba and Nyohini can all benefit from this School.

Mission Statement
To provide low cost and quality child education services to the ever-expanding residential area of Kunyavilla and its environs. Prince and Princess Academy will focus on providing primary educational services with an emphasis on the lower-income class.

To be a preferred place for quality and affordable education by the populace of Tamale and beyond.

IV. Background of the Founding Teachers
The Project begun on 22nd August, 2013 and construction of school commenced in 2014 with the support and contributions across the globe and was completed and opened on 18th January, 2021. Some of the Team members have experience in teaching and handling children of all ages. Sisu Haruna has some years of teaching experience in private schools. Some of the Schools he has taught includes Timtooni Grammar School Complex amongst others. He has also organized free extra classes for children under his care, he has also taught many people the English language on the internet on http://www.livemocha.com and http://www.busuu.com, teaching is his passion. Abukari Kamil, a graduate student of the University for Development Studies will also be one of the teaching staff and He has also previously taught at Jagma Memorial School and his teaching experience spans more than four years. Gadafi Haruna is the name of the another teacher who has acquired immense teaching experience and he is currently teaching in Synergy Star School International.
Miss Samata and Mr. Atta Isaac is also part of the teaching staff.

V. Location and Hours of Operation
The School is located at Kunyavilla. The School is open from 6am to 5pm every weekday from Monday to Friday. Statutory holidays under the Republic is also adhered to.

As the need for basic education services in the Tamale Metropolitan area grows, so will the operation of the school. The land was donated by late Mr. Haruna Salifu (Co-founder). It is one plot that covers an area of almost half an acre and valued at the current market price of GHC3,500 equivalent to £1077. The major source of funding this establishment will be through donations from benevolent individuals and corporate bodies. The plan shall be submitted to people with the hope of securing funds to the project. Non-Governmental Organizations who are into education, poverty eradication, and manpower development shall also be identified and served letters soliciting for funds to continue the School expansion and development.

Sources Of Income And Accounting
The School is currently depending heavily on donor support in terms of cash, building material, learning materials and other assistance necessary for the building  and maintenance of the School . We hope revenues will be generated from charging of very low-cost fees to students which will be used to pay teachers and staff. Full accounting records will be maintained by our Accountant, Iddrisu M. Nurudeen. Initially, he is to work for the school on a part-time basis. He holds a first-class degree in BSc. Business Administration (Accounting) from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and he is a student member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana.

Beniefiary Communities:
Kunyavilla area is rapidly expanding through residential and commercial development. Prince and Princess Academy specifically targets the poor populace with children ages 2 years to twelve years who live or work within a two-mile radius of the proposed location. 

Prince and Princess Academy is promoted in various local media. Friends who are helping in making this project a reality have already begun promotion by word of mouth. The response has been favourable. Adverts have be made on two local radio stations namely Radio Justice and North Star FM. Handbills has also be distributed to the market women on market days. It has been identified that most choices with regard to school selection for children are normally done by Mothers.

Management Plan
Sisu Haruna, Mr. Atta Isaac and Gadafi Haruna are responsible for the overall operation of Prince and Princess Academy (Petty cash expenditures relate to small expenses the School administration may incur in the day-to-day running of the School and include but not limited to water and electricity bills, maintenance of the building and first aid medicine for pupils.). The selection and retention of employees, as well as the expenditure of funds, is jointly shared. The School started with 4 permanent teachers including Sisu Haruna. Gadafi will be on the teaching staff as well as the Head of the School. The teachers will work on a rotational basis where one Teacher may teach more than one classroom. As the School expands in the coming months or years, new teachers will be recruited both on a part-time and full-time basis.

The purpose of this document has been to highlight the various areas that have been taken into consideration with regard to the proposed construction of the school that will provide quality and affordable access to basic education. Based on the projections made, Prince and Princess Academy has the potential to grow with the establishment of more classrooms to cater for the massive number of enrolments envisaged. This is a worthy cause aimed at enriching the lives of numerous poor children and education is the best gift one could ever give to a fellow human being. It is hoped that all will help to make this project a reality.

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