Postcrossing Supports Prince & Princess F. Academy Project

Finally, Postcrossing has agreed to support the Prince & Princess F. Academy. Postcrossing will advertise our postcards on their noble website to help raise funds for the project. Thank you, Postcrossing.
Thanks to our team member Belén for your immense contribution towards this partnership.


Update on the New Classrooms Construction

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is currently raising funds to continue the construction of the 3 new classrooms which will serve as Basic (primary) 2, 3, and 4 as the school progress. So far, we have purchased roofing sheets and some wood to start the roofing of the new 3 classrooms. We hope you will continue to support the project so we can complete the construction. Thank you.

End of the Academic Year.

Yesterday, we ended the third term of the academic calendar. It has been a year since we opened the Prince & Princess Foundation Academy. The students are improving academically and parents and guardians are impressed. Parents Teachers Association (PTA) 2nd meeting will be held tomorrow to address challenges, concerns of both teachers and parents and the way forward. We are still appealing for more support to continue the construction of the basic/primary level building..Thanks 👍