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Hello Everyone,

We have several updates for you, as much has happened since the last time we posted! Because of your donations and support, the roofing for the school is complete! The carpenters are working on ceiling joints now, and we have purchased some gravel sand to fill the classrooms. So far we have enough to fill 3 of the rooms, but we still need to buy more for the other two classrooms, as well as labor to perform the work.

We will soon take estimates for the remainder of the cost, plus the amount needed for electrical work, including the wires that pass through the ceilings and walls to provide lights, outlets and fans in the classrooms. As always, thank you for helping us make this project possible! Your continued support makes a huge difference and we look forward to seeing these next tasks underway. 

A video update will be posted soon!

Your friends,

The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team wishes to thank Students of Ruusuvuoren Koulu ( Rose Mountain School) from Finland for donating $865 to support the roofing of the Prince & Princess Academy building.  The Team appreciate your immense contribution.  It is amazing when those who love to learn share their passion with other hopeful students!

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team will erect the Flag of Finland in the school to honour the students of Ruusuvuoren Koulu when it is completed.


Hi Everyone,

We hope your 2018 is off to a great start! It’s hard to believe we are already almost three months in! It’s been a while since we last posted, but we have an update for you. The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team has purchased ALL of the roofing materials!  We would like to say a big “thank you” to everyone who has helped raise the money that went toward reaching this goal! We are now trying to raise the GHȻ 3,000 [$673 (USD), €550] to pay the carpenters to begin roofing the school. With your help, we can make this happen! Once we have raised this amount, we can continue construction! We are looking forward to making that big announcement.

Thank you all for your help and support!

The Project Team.










The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team has an exciting announcement! Last month we wrote a letter to, a postcard manufacturing company in Germany, for their support for our project. They replied, stating they would be happy to help. As a result, has donated 5,000 postcards with photos of our choice, to sell in order to raise funds for supplies, labor and materials. has also made our postcards available on their website here: In order to showcase these beautiful postcards, we are creating a special page on our website where visitors can view and purchase them. Please check it out below and share with your friends and family! We greatly appreciate your support for the Prince and Princess Academy. Read more….



The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team wishes to thank Pawel Cebula, his family, friends and mourners for donating $833 to our school building project in honour of their late mother Miroslawa Cebula. The Team appreciates the kind support and may the soul of Miroslawa Cebula rest in peace. The Project Team will name one of the classrooms after late Miroslawa when completed for her deep love for the school project and keep her spirit alive in the school.