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Update: August 2019

The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team has been able to complete the plastering of the walls and floor works of the school. All five classrooms were plastered and floored with mortar and concrete. In the near future, we can use floor tiles for the floor of the classrooms.
It was part of our plans to use the donations to construct the washrooms for both students and teachers but due to the rainy weather, we decided to use the funds to complete the plastering and floor works of the classrooms since that is an internal activity.
One of our team members Belen Zamanillo Mateo came from Spain to witness the activities of the project as well. 
The next stage of the project is to fix the ceiling of the classrooms, fix metal doors and windows, complete the electrical wiring, build the washrooms and fence the school. 
We are working hard to upload a video update of the project on our project website very soon. 
The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team wish to thank all donors and supporters for your continuous support to making the dream of providing quality education for your children in our community and we hope you will continue to support us more to complete the school soon.
Thank you.

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team were planning to construct the washrooms of the school but the rainy weather will destruct such an activity, therefore, we have decided to work on plastering the walls with mortar and casting concrete on the floor of the classrooms. The road leading to the school is almost completed. One of our project team members from Spain Belen will join us again soon to begin the work! We still need your support to continue the construction of the school. Thank you!

Hi everyone,

We have some great news! As a result of the efforts of the assemblymen and community leaders, the metropolitan council has paid a contractor to extend the construction of a nearby road that will allow vehicles, especially trucks coming into the community, to move much more conveniently! Below are some photos of the road construction.

The Beautiful Fallen Tree (Update: February, 2019)

Hello everyone,

We recently hired a group to cut down a large tree located on site at the school building project. This was a difficult decision, but after weighing our options, we decided that if we have to build more classrooms in the future, we will need to remove this tree. Between now and then, it’s likely that more houses will be built near the tree. Having structures nearby poses a great risk that the tree might fall on something important. We believe it makes the most sense to cut down the tree at this time.

Much thought was given to how we can use the tree. After speaking with the project supervisor, we learned that the branches are not straight enough to make proper boards for construction, and our idea of using the wood for desks would be too expensive because of the machines and carpentry involved. Instead, our project supervisor suggested we share the wood with underprivileged families in the community so they can use it as fire wood and as a resource for carving domestic artifacts to sell in order make a living. We also plan to plant more trees and flowers in the near future.

We hope you all are doing well and want to say thank you again for your support. We will be back with more updates soon!

-The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team