Gravel-Sand Filling Estimates

The Prince & Princess Academy Project Team is raising funds to fill the school ground with gravel-sand. This will help to level the field of the school and prevent unwanted grass from growing hence we can start planting flowers and trees in the school. Below are the estimates for the gravel-sand work.
●Cost of Gravel sand $37 × 24 trips of gravel-sand = $888
● Cost of labour = $222
■Total = $1110.
We hope you will continue to support the project to fulfill the dream of providing quality education for children in our community so they can grow up to become productive and responsible citizens to help build their communities as well. We are most grateful to all those who supported the partial fencing of the school. It will be delightful to see the field leveled with gravel-sand so we can complete the fencing and start planting more trees and flowers in the school🌳🌻🌹🌺🌸💐
Thank you ❤💚💛
Prince & Princess Academy Team.

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