Prince & Princess Academy Project Update on Ceiling Works.

The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team has received the full estimate for the installation of the ceiling for classrooms provided by the Carpenter.

Materials needed:
50 pieces of Plywood = $6 × 50 = $300
15 pieces of Ceiling buttons wood = $5× 15 =$75
1 box of 1 inch Nails = $8
1 box of 1½ inch Nails = $8
Transportation cost = $20
Cost of paying Carpenters = $230
Total cost= $641.

We hope you will continue to support the project to fulfill the dream of providing quality education for children in our community so they can grow up to become productive and responsible citizens to help build their communities as well. We are most grateful to all those who supported the making and installation of the metal doors and windows and electrical wiring. It will be delightful to see the ceiling been installed
Thank you.


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