Hello Everyone,

We have several updates for you, as much has happened since the last time we posted! Because of your donations and support, the roofing for the school is complete! The carpenters are working on ceiling joints now, and we have purchased some gravel sand to fill the classrooms. So far we have enough to fill 3 of the rooms, but we still need to buy more for the other two classrooms, as well as labor to perform the work.

We will soon take estimates for the remainder of the cost, plus the amount needed for electrical work, including the wires that pass through the ceilings and walls to provide lights, outlets and fans in the classrooms. As always, thank you for helping us make this project possible! Your continued support makes a huge difference and we look forward to seeing these next tasks underway. 

A video update will be posted soon!

Your friends,

The Prince and Princess Academy Project Team


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